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Prison privatization

Prison privatization

No matter how private companies profit from prisons—detaining immigrants, needlessly expanding capacity, cutting quality—privatizing incarceration puts the pursuit of profits ahead of the needs of taxpayers, prisoners, and prison employees. Yet many states and the federal government continue to rely on private companies to manage their prisons. As a step toward ending mass incarceration, AFSC works to document the conditions of private prisons and to stop the privatization of prisons, jails, and detention centers.   

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Resources -

"Private Prisons: the Public's Problem" report cover

Detailing the safety, quality, and cost of private prisons in Arizona, this is the first-ever systematic study of all for-profit prisons operating in the state. Released in February 2012, this report reveals widespread and persistent problems in private facilities around safety, lack of accountability, and cost.

Pushing back on privatization-

Cover of report on Kingman prison riots

AFSC, a non-profit organization working for justice and human rights nationally and internationally, has released an independent assessment of the July 2015 riots in the Kingman, AZ prison complex. This report found that understaffing, prisoner mistreatment by guards, and poor management caused persistent problems before the riots in this privately managed prison.