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Peace policy: Shared security

Peace policy: Shared security

Militarism and war do not keep us safe. The U.S. needs a more ethical, effective, and less costly foreign policy to address today’s interdependent world.

AFSC works for policies that promote "shared security"—a state in which all people, communities, and countries derive their sense of security from mutual well-being, just policies, and shared commitment to resolving problems peacefully.

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Shared Security booklet

Shared security is a new paradigm for promoting the safety and well-being of people throughout the world. This report takes a closer look at AFSC"s work for shared security around the world.   



AFSC and the United States Institute of Peace launched “AFSC – 100 Years of Quiet Diplomacy, Nonviolent Resistance, and Peacebuilding,” a video curriculum that explores strategies to promote quiet diplomacy, nonviolent resistance, and peace building. Check out this free course.

Narrative Change-



This handbook is a tool to help community leaders implement urban peace-building programs in contested spaces.

Influence & Change-

Blog Entry

Young people in Guatemala channel their creativity and commitment to peace building into a new music project.