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Key Issue

Movement for Black Lives

AFSC has endorsed the policy platform put forward by the Movement for Black Lives, a national network of over 50 organizations engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement to end state-sanctioned killings of African Americans and institutional oppressions that condone them. The platform also aligns with key areas of AFSC's work: building peace, immigrant rights, addressing prisons, just economies, and ending racism and discrimination. 

Here are some resources for individuals, congregations, organizations, and others interested in learning more.

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Our Work


YUIR programs are a multi-city youth-led network mobilizing people of all ages to work against racist systems that oppress us all.

Related issues

AFSC works across racial lines to promote understanding and healing and to challenge the systems that perpetuate racism.

Economies should work for all people and our planet and promote thriving communities. AFSC works to support just economic priorities and policies, challenges growing inequality and the corporate abuse of human rights, and advocates for increased access to basic resources. We also provide tools to help people and institutions make socially responsible investments.

In the U.S., AFSC supports efforts to change government policies and corporate/institutional practices that support inequality, the occupation, and denial of refugees’ rights. In the region, AFSC challenges the fragmentation of Palestinian society and the militarization of Israeli society to call for full equality between Palestinians and Israelis.