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Key Issue

International dialogue and exchange

Global south leaders—from the grassroots, civil society, and government—come together to learn, exchange ideas, and collectively solve problems through AFSC’s Dialogue and Exchange Program (DEP). Our approach to international dialogue and exchange is rooted in the belief that solutions can be found within a group’s history, knowledge, culture, and resources. 

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Young leaders

Workshop in Kenya

Young people from Burundi, Somalia, and Zimbabwe convened in Kenya to discuss youth innovations, savings credit cooperatives, and how youth can be a positive force for change.  

Restorative justice: Healing and reconciliation

Image of "Dialog and Exchange Program Report" cover

This report details an exchange between members of the Burundian parliament and experts in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process from South Africa, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.



Local peace networks work toward resolving community disputes, particularly in areas experiencing high levels of violence and social exclusion. This report gathers best practices for these networks.


Photograph of beach in Sri Lanka

Religious leaders convene in Sri Lanka with scientists and activists to discuss connections between moral and scientific work to mitigate climate change.