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Key Issue

Immigrant workers' rights

All people in the U.S.—regardless of immigration status—have a right to work with dignity, but immigrant workers are often denied this right. All workers should be paid a living wage and have the right to freely associate, organize, and form labor unions without employer retaliation or retribution.

AFSC works to end harmful policies and actions that expose immigrant workers to abuse and exploitation.

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Resources and success stories


In a May Day opinion piece for CNN, AFSC's Gabriel Camacho and Arnie Alpert urge Congress to make changes to the U.S. immigration system that include protections for all workers.

Related issues

In multiple countries, AFSC works to address the economic and political drivers of migration while supporting migrant communities. Our immigration programs include legal services, training, human rights monitoring, humanitarian relief, immigrant-led organizing, and advocacy for humane immigration policies.

Widening economic inequality is harmful to people everywhere—today, economic factors are responsible for more deaths than armed conflict in the U.S. and around the world.