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Key Issue

Immigrant detention and deportation

Every year, the U.S. deports over 300,000 people and imprisons an estimated 400,000 individuals in immigrant detention facilities across the country, costing taxpayers over $2 billion annually.  

AFSC works to stop detention and deportation, which tears families apart and and harm all of our communities. Joining with immigrant-led efforts across the U.S., we advocate for fair and humane immigration policies that welcome and respect the dignity of all people. 

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Our federal budget should not be used to advance an anti-immigrant agenda. Tell your representatives: Stop funding cruelty against immigrants!



Get resources on TPS, a life-saving program that provides protections from deportation for hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the U.S.

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Join us to create safe spaces for all people. Get resources for schools, colleges, congregations, cities and counties, and individuals to promote safe, welcoming communities.

The U.S.-Mexico border stands to become one of the world’s most militarized borders, even though the two countries are not at war.

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