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Key Issue

Ending racism

Systems that marginalize people of color also confer privileges on white people—privileges that are hard for those who benefit to see or acknowledge. AFSC works with young people and adults across racial lines to promote understanding and healing and to challenge the systems that perpetuate racism.

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Anti-racism resources

Banners of Eric Garner and Mike Brown

After the spate of killings of unarmed black men in 2014, a working group of AFSC staff have gathered to assess what can be done to assure justice is achieved and to further examine how AFSC can best support solving this critical issue.

White privilege

Goens sisters
Blog Entry

AFSC’s Sharon Goens-Bradley says that the desire to be seen as “good” causes much of the harm in the world, and that the difficulty of hearing when we’ve caused harm can cover up opportunities to truly heal.

Campaigns and projects

Peace by Piece program leader speaks on video

Peer-to-peer learning is proving to be an effective way to promote nonviolence in New Orleans. Through Peace by Piece, a youth-led program of AFSC’s New Orleans program, interns and community partners train youth in conflict resolution and violence reduction using arts and activism.

Related issues

AFSC supports people working to heal divisions caused by exclusion, oppression, and marginalization.

AFSC works to build power with communities in the U.S. and around the world who are impacted by violence and oppression, including immigrants, people of color, Muslims and other religious groups, young people, and LGBTQ people.

YUIR programs are a multi-city youth-led network mobilizing people of all ages to work against racist systems that oppress us all.

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