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Key Issue

Defending immigrant rights

All people deserve to be safe from harm and treated with fairness and dignity. As armed conflicts, poor economic conditions, environmental disasters, and weak governance drive record numbers of people to seek refuge, many face human rights violations, discrimination, and exploitation.

We work both to address the economic and political drivers of migration in multiple countries and to support migrant and refugee communities. Our immigration programs include legal services, training, human rights monitoring, humanitarian relief, immigrant-led organizing, and advocacy for humane immigration policies.

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Campaigns and Programs

Join AFSC to call on Congress to defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today!
Save TPS to protect hundreds of thousands of immigrants!

Together, we shut down Homestead detention center. But we must continue to do all that we can to protect migrant children. 

While the Trump administration exploited the caravan to advance its anti-immigrant agenda, AFSC organized a very different response.

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We're advocating for and providing aid to communities navigating the difficult effects of the pandemic. Let's see what love can do!

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