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Key Issue

Community peace-building

People affected by conflict and instability are often best positioned to know what their communities need to create lasting peace. Local conflict transformation can have a big impact globally. AFSC connects communities worldwide to foster peace, sustainability, and shared security. 

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What does peace look like?


Peace is not just the absence of war. To these 19 young delegates to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, peace means a sense of shared security, access to jobs, health care, and education. 

Peace in schools

Moses Brown holding up a poster
Blog Entry

Lessons on peace can be challenging to teach amid a media environment focused on war and violence. This podcast explores how Quaker schools can live out the peace testimony in and outside of the classroom.

Ending cycles of violence


Communities in Somalia are embracing nonviolent approaches to conflict as young people step up to their role as peace-builders.

Local peace networks


This handbook is a tool to help community leaders implement urban peace-building programs in contested spaces.