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Key issues

Advancing Peacebuilding

Advancing peacebuilding

Peace and security can never be achieved through violence. AFSC works to build societies that divest from militarism, organized political violence and state violence—and invest in alternatives that enable sustainable peace, open civic space, and prioritize human dignity and rights.

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Humane Migration Responses

Humane migration responses

AFSC works for a world where migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people have the power to determine where they live and the opportunity to thrive in society. We work to address both the economic and political drivers of migration in multiple countries as well as to support migrants and refugees, whether they are in transit or settled in new communities. 

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Healing not punitive justice

Healing, not punitive, justice

To build a more just, peaceful society, we must promote healing—instead of punishment—in the U.S. criminal legal system. We advocate for human-centered alternatives to policing and incarceration, better reintegration after prison, an end to prison privatization, more humane conditions of confinement, and ultimately, the abolition of prisons, jails, and detention centers.

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Just economies

Just economies

Economies should work for all people and our planet and promote thriving communities. AFSC works to support just economic priorities and policies, challenges growing inequality and the corporate abuse of human rights, and advocates for increased access to basic resources. We also provide tools to help people and institutions make socially responsible investments.

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