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Invite an AFSC staff member to your meeting/church

AFSC staff are experts in their field.

Across the globe, AFSC staff are respected for their deep analysis and their commitment to addressing root causes of war and injustice. AFSC staff connect the dots between different social justice movements and work in coalition with partner organizations to build our collective capacity for change.

 AFSC staff understand the importance of Friends' Testimonies and witness.

When program staff are asked to reflect on why they work at AFSC, whether they identify as Quaker or not, they share a similar response: Friends' history of speaking "truth to power" inspires them to take courageous action on the issues they care about most. AFSC staff understand that "that of God in everyone" means making justice in the world is inherently spiritual, and they share a commitment to keeping Friends' Testimonies at the center of their work.

 AFSC staff inspire others and ignite the spark within.

When AFSC staff visit Friends' meetings, churches, and schools, participants are left feeling excited and motivated to make change in the world. Whether you want to hear about an issue you're already passionate about or want to learn more about the work of AFSC, staff are excited to share their experiences and analysis with Friends and encourage shared witness for social justice.

 Contact Lucy Duncan at to invite an AFSC staff person to your meeting or church.

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