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Quaker Action: What's new in peace building? (Spring 2018)

Across lands as diverse as Beijing and Jerusalem, AFSC takes different community-based approaches to transform systems of oppression. In this issue, you'll read about our peace-building work around the globe, including our support of humanitarian engagement with North Korea, our partnerships to prevent election violence in Africa, and our ongoing support for the Palestinian-led BDS movement.

How the U.S. can pursue peace with DPRK (North Korea)

All the dramatic real-time news cov­erage may leave you wondering, “Is peace between the U.S. and North Korea even possible?”

What you should know about AFSC’s support for the BDS movement

We believe that all people, including Palestinians, have a right to live in safety and peace and have their human rights respected. 

Why the U.S. should welcome all migrants with compassion and humanity

As we push back against anti-immigrant policies in the U.S., it’s crucial to recognize our own government’s part in forcing people to flee. 

Breaking down barriers through art

A first-of-its-kind program in Guatemala is helping young people in prison escape violence and build new lives.

Preventing election violence: Seven strategies for peace

What can be done to reduce the likelihood of violence at election time? AFSC’s programs in Africa have begun to find out. Here are a few key findings and examples of the lessons in action.

Building bridges between companies and communities

AFSC’s work to build bridges between business and com­munities has had an impact, but we know that this is a delicate process, requiring patience, resilience, and long-term financial support to ensure sustainability.

Q+A Kerri Kennedy

Kerri Kennedy, associate general secretary of international programs