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Liberation Summer Camp Intern

Liberation Summer Camp Intern

Deadline:Mar 22, 2019
Location:New York, New York
Start Date:May 31, 2019
End Date:Aug 2, 2019

Applications will be accepted through March 22, 2019.

This is a 10-week internship where the intern will work 21 hours per week paid at a rate of $15.00 per hour. We start with Orientation on Friday, May 31th and expect all the interns to complete their internship by the first week of August. This intern will be working out of our New York, NY office.



The American Friends Service Committee’s Summer Internship Program is designed to engage undergraduate and graduate students with the world of public service and peace and social justice issues. As an intern you will work alongside AFSC staff helping to implement current programs and achieve AFSC’s mission. You will work within a framework of a work plan and learning objectives with the opportunity to participate in activities such as client engagement and in depth research. You may work directly with clients and perform in depth research. Upon completion of the internship, you will have the opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate your experience.



The Summer Internships require 210 hours between the end of May and August. Schedules will be worked out with the supervisor, but generally run about eight weeks. The stipend paid this year is $3,150.00



Amid a today’s political reality, pointed efforts must be made to empower local communities for national resistance. The New York Office of the American Friends Service Committee will contribute to this effort during our 2018 Liberation Summer Youth Advocacy Training Camp. Our focus will be empowering young people with the skills and strategies, including using the arts, to advocate for healing in our criminal and immigration legal systems. 

We are seeking an intern to join us in this work. In this position, the intern will:

  • Assist in the development of the Camp’s curriculum and lesson plans;
  • Assist with Camp logistics;
  • Participate in Camp sessions, including some limited travel;
  • Guide the Camp’s use of social media
  • Participate in ongoing evaluations of the camp and an end of camp debrief (schedule permitting);
  • Present on their internship experience;
  • Participate in an exit interview process at the end of the internship.

During this work, the intern should:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the criminal justice and immigration systems and their impacts on young people;
  • Hone presentation skills, both oral and written;
  • Learn filmmaking and photography skills and;
  • Acquire skills in popular education.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Interested in the areas of criminal and/or immigration systems;
  • Comfortable working with young people ages 15-20;
  • Skilled in various social media platforms;
  • Lingual in English and Spanish



  1. Review the internship descriptions on this website.
  2. Write a letter of interest indicating your preferred position, tying your skills, education and experience with the area in which you want to work.
  3. Apply online. If that doesn’t work, please email
  4. Remember to attach your resume and cover letter to the application before submitting



The American Friends Service Committee is a practical expression of the faith of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), which upholds the worth of every individual and the transforming power of love. AFSC staff members are committed to promoting and practicing nonviolence in their work toward establishing peace and social justice. The AFSC community seeks to transform conditions and relationships both in the world and in ourselves which threaten to overwhelm what is precious in human beings. The AFSC involves people of many faiths and backgrounds who share its values and bring to its work a rich variety of experiences and spiritual insights.

The American Friends Service Committee is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Organization. Qualified persons are encouraged to become involved in AFSC at all levels regardless of their religious affiliation, race, sex, sexual orientation or nature of disability.


Apply Today!

210 hours between the end of May and August
Required Skills: 


  • College or graduate student or recent high school graduate with diploma or GED.
  • Able to give at least 21 hours a week to the Summer Internship.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work well and develop rapport with people from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Interest in learning and applying Quaker values of peace, social justice, and equality in the work environment.
  • Excellent communication skills. 


New York , NY