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Intermountain Yearly Meeting minute in support of the No Way to Treat a Child bill

Intermountain Yearly Meeting, June 20, 2021

(Based on South Central Yearly Meeting, April 3, 2021, No Way to Treat a Child minute

and Northwest Quarterly Meeting of New England Yearly Meeting minute, March 7, 2021)

Spirit leads Intermountain Yearly Meeting to support the American Friends Service Committee’s No Way to Treat a Child campaign “which seeks to challenge and end Israel’s prolonged military occupation of Palestinians by exposing widespread and systematic ill-treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military detention system.”

Friends believe that no child should be denied due process or be tortured, and that this work is supported by our testimonies of Peace, Equality, Integrity, and Community. We recognize our own country’s history of settler colonialism, anti-Black discrimination, and our recent separation of families and inhumane detention of immigrant children.

We ask Friends and their Meetings to educate themselves and their communities on these violations of international law, and to join with AFSC’s No Way to Treat a Child campaign, in calling on their elected officials to support legislation that protects Palestinian children and eliminates funding that may be used to oppress and violate human rights, especially children’s rights.