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The AFSC Indiana Peacebuilding Program uses creative and visual grassroots education and organizing to foster collaboration with and deepen the skills of students, faith-based activists, and community groups. By building leadership skills among a new generation of activists, the program seeks to create long-term changes in public opinion and policy about militarism and violence.

Our work in Indiana focuses on two AFSC national initiatives: Communities Against Islamophobia and Israel-Palestine peace-building campaigns.

Militarism and policing affects everyday life from Ferguson to Gaza. Humanize Not Militarize is a poster exhibit and youth film festival engaging young people, community members, and leaders through art, media, and difficult dialogue to challenge our understanding of the growing military presence and violence at home and abroad, and reimagine the meaning of domestic and global peace.

We work in partnership with student, activist, and community groups organizing for Palestinian human rights and for peace in Gaza, providing training and support for their efforts. We educate the public and engage with local lawmakers to advocate for the end of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory and support for divestment from illegal occupation and resulting systemic violence. AFSC supports the implementation of international human rights laws in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, promotes implementation of Palestinian refugees’ right of return, and calls for full equality between Palestinians and Israelis.


Tips on how to make a video from development to the final product.

This is a great tool to help in creating an entry for the "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" Youth Film Festival.