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HP Boycott

Hewlett Packard logo

We all know the myth: Hewlett-Packard started in a Palo Alto garage. It's one of those “brilliant, creative local boy makes good” stories. But did you know that today HP is among the top military services companies in the world?

HP specializes in technologies to control and monitor large populations, selling to prison authorities, immigration police and military regimes. These products are designed to limit human rights and civil rights, and they are a threat to all of us.

  • HP manages the Israeli government’s population registry and ID systems, used to segregate and control the movement of Palestinian citizens and residents of the occupied territory. This system takes to a new level of technology the stratification of citizenship rights in Israel, denying Palestinian rights to civil equality in their homeland. 
  • HP’s Basel system is installed at Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank. These checkpoints are located deep inside the Palestinian area, and the HP system is used to restrict and control the occupied Palestinian population.
  • HP runs the Israeli navy’s information technology infrastructure, and has supplied all PCs to the Israeli military since 2009. During the last attack on Gaza alone, the U.N. reports the Israeli military killed 1,483 civilians, including 521 children in both arial and sea attacks. 
  • HP provided a computerized storage system to the illegal settlement Ariel, while one of HP’s major distributors works out of Modi’in Illit, the largest Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. Settlements are recognized as illegal and as a major impediment to peace by all countries except Israel.
  • HP products are used by the Iranian and Syrian regimes in surveillance systems monitoring political dissidents. HP works with the California Department of Corrections on prisoner data systems and with ICE on immigration status checks.

Social justice groups around the world have been trying for years to discuss these issues with HP, but we have been unsuccessful in getting their attention.

Two decades ago, the international boycott of firms that supported the apartheid government of South Africa played an important role in overturning that racist regime. It’s time to do it again.

Use our Investigate screening tool to learn more about HP's complicity in human rights violations. 

Read You just have to be human: resisting apartheid and occupation, a blog post about the HP boycott

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