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Shut down Homestead detention center!

Join us to demand an end to child detention

Children belong in schools and homes, not in prison camps. But today, at least 2,000 child migrants are being held at the Homestead detention center in Florida – the largest detention site for child migrants in the U.S. 

Most of these children have fled violence and poverty in Central America and are seeking asylum. But instead of being released to their families or other sponsors in the community, many will spend weeks or months in detention – with lasting traumatic effects. 

AFSC stands with migrants from Central America and other parts of the world who are seeking safety and peace. Please join us and many others to shut down Homestead detention center and end child detention. 

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Why it's time to shut down Homestead detention center

Homestead is a child prison that circumvents federal law that protects children in custody. 


End child detention!

AFSC's Mariana Martinez, a Homestead community members, calls for the shutdown of Homestead Detention Center at a rally in Washington, D.C. 

Acting in Faith

Shutting down Homestead child detention center: A Quaker perspective

Kathy Hersh, a member of Miami Friends Meeting, writes about why she supports community efforts to close the detention center.


Hope for stopping child detention

Caliburn International, the company that runs Homestead detention center, canceled its stock offering after growing public outcry. 


Community members mobilize to end child detention

On Feb. 19, AFSC took part in a roundtable discussion about shutting down Homestead Detention Center with members of Congress, immigrant advocates and activists, and other community members. 

Huffington Post

Florida detention center expands, packing in migrant children ‘like sardines’

The temporary shelter violates child welfare standards, according to advocates who recently toured the facility.


Inside the largest and most controversial shelter for migrant children in the U.S.

"We see extremely traumatized children, some of whom sit across from us and can't stop crying over what they're experiencing."

Miami Herald

They pushed Trump to close Texas shelter for migrant kids. Their next target — Homestead

The shelter is now the largest in the nation for undocumented unaccompanied minors. 


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