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By C. Wess Daniels
Published: March 12, 2014

Note: This post is the prepared message by Wess Daniels offered to the AFSC Corporation meeting this past weekend during semi-programmed worship. Wess is the pastor of Camas Friends Church in Washington state and he offered this in the context of the meeting theme which was, "Steadfastly working for just and lasting peace in Israel-Palestine." I found his words moving and challenging and hope you will, too. - Lucy


The Eagle, Chickens and Single-Stories


A man found an eagle’s egg and put it in a nest of a barnyard hen. The...

By Douglas Bennett
Published: March 5, 2014

In worship this morning, I found myself thinking ahead to next week’s AFSC Corporation Meeting. I wasn’t surprised to find myself wondering, “Can we sing together?”

I was visiting at Durham Meeting with my son Robbie rather than worshipping at Brunswick Friends Meeting where we normally go. I was not surprised when we began by singing some hymns; I knew Durham describes itself as semi-programmed. They sing as they gather, various people calling out suggested hymns that especially speak to them that day. It reminded us both of First Friends in Richmond (IN), a programmed meeting...

By Madeline Schaefer
Published: February 27, 2014

Often when Quakers speak of the Divine, they are referring to a deeply internal experience, an experience of being filled with Truth and Love. Often they witness the Divine when sitting together in silent worship.  But many times they do not.  The inward experience is one of being guided, of being transformed from a place of shadow to a place of light; of bondage to freedom; of despair to hope. The presence of the Divine is not merely a passive force, but it is active in our lives, guiding our actions, emotions and thoughts, offering support and clarity at all times....

By Philip Lord
Published: February 26, 2014

Note: This is the second of a series of posts of African American Quakers talking about Quaker faith and AFSC's significance in their faith journey. Phil Lord is the rising clerk of AFSC's Board. He offers here a stirring message about the spiritual grounding and foundation of the organization. - Lucy

Surrendered and trusting hearts

For me, the miracle of Quakerism is that a humble and unexceptional group of people have the audacity to sit together in silence, believing and waiting to hear from God. Our coming together is not just to meditate, relax...

By Madeline Schaefer
Published: February 21, 2014

Quaker faith—like so many religions in this country—has often struggled to uphold its core commitment to peace and justice, particularly when it comes to race. Our historic institutions are deeply connected to the structures of power that have been built to oppress people of color for 500 years.  Although there are stories of Quakers and even Quaker communities acting boldly to support the abolition of slavery and assist those seeking refuge, Quakers have often slipped into a comfortable position of power within a White Supremacist society.  We have come so far, and are doing...