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Partners in spirit-led action

AFSC Corporation members talk during a break

AFSC Friends Liaisons connect their meetings and churches to the work of AFSC and inspire action on AFSC's key issues. Here are 10 ways to engage your Quaker meeting or church with AFSC. By engaging with Friends and providing resources for spiritually-grounded social justice work, the program seeks to support a movement of Friends working for lasting peace with justice.

Interested in learning more?  Listen to audio clips about the program, download our brochure, or contact us to sign up as a Friends Liaison.

13 ways your meeting/church can work with AFSC for just peace

1.  Share a post from AFSC's Acting in Faith blog with your meeting or church.

Don't forget to sign up to receive updates from the Acting in Faith newsletter, and read back issues here.  Reprint an Acting in Faith article in your newsletter or share new posts on your meeting/church's social media site. Some posts would be excellent reading material for a study session on spirit-led activism, on undoing racism or on other topics.

2.  Watch and share an AFSC QuakerSpeak video.

In 2015 AFSC partnered with Friends Journal to create three videos on AFSC's issue areas. Each video is followed by links to resources for deeper learning and action. The videos are A Quaker call to action on Israel Palestine, How Quakers can help end mass incarceration, and Quakers and migrant justice

3.  Engage Friends with the Friends Engage pages of AFSC’s website.

Host an event, learn about Quaker social change ministry, learn and connect with tips and resources designed for the Quaker community. 

4.  Participate in our Sanctuary Everywhere webinars and watch our Sanctuary Everywhere webinar: Quaker Social Change Ministry 

Learn ways you can support the safety of communities impacted by injustice. Content includes interrupting interpersonal and state level violence to create refuge in a context of violence.

5.  Connect spirit to social witness using our Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies.  

This resource seeks to distill and share the Quaker testimonies that underlie both what we do and how we aspire to do it, with thoughts about living out each testimony, queries, and quotations for reflection.  We've also created a study guide to provide Quaker meeting/churches with ways to interact with the material in Adult Religious Education settings or with high school Friends.

6.  Explore our "5 ways to get involved" pages and encourage your meeting to engage with AFSC Key Issues.

Did you know that AFSC Programs and Friends Relations have created "5 ways to get involved" pages for a variety AFSC Key Issues: Healing Justice, Immigrant Justice, and Israel/Palestine. We are offering 5 things you can do to Humanize, not Militarize to accompany our traveling exhibit. Join the Quaker Palestine Israel Network.

7.  As a Quaker meeting, nominate an organization or individual for the Nobel Peace Prize

8.  Engage Friends in conversations about undoing racism drawing from posts at Acting in Faith and the "Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice" resource guide.

Read several undoing racism posts from Acting in Faith as a meeting/church to deepen your exploration, and utilize other reading in the "Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice" resource guide.

9.  Bring an AFSC staff member to present at your monthly, quarterly, or yearly meeting or church.

Contact to learn more.

10.  Promote AFSC on social media, follow us on twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and share our posts!

11.  Participate in an AFSC workshop or other AFSC organized program at the FGC Gathering. Attend a conference sponsored by AFSC in Philadelphia in honor of our Centennial.

AFSC staff will be co-leading three workshops and offering a full afternoon events schedule at the FGC Gathering in July, 2018. From December 14th – 16th at Pendle Hill we will be collaborating on a conference on the occasion of 70 years of Quaker engagement in Palestine since the Nakba.

12.  Invite members or attenders of your meeting/church to share a story at our Peace Works: Century of Action website.

For 100 years, we have worked together for peace and justice. Explore these stories and add your own, or encourage a Friend to do so, as we celebrate AFSC's past and future. For more information, please contact

13.  Learn more about the Quaker Social Change Ministry pilot program and consider joining with a small group in your meeting/church.

AFSC is excited to bring the Quaker Social Change Ministry pilot program to Friends. Developed by three Unitarian Universalist ministers in the Denver area, Quaker Social Change Ministry is a Spirit-led, relationship based approached to social change work.  Learn more here. Read Organizing with the Spirit, a blog post about the model by Lucy Duncan.

 Engage! Find all of these actions here