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Posts from August 2019

homestead victory
By: Kristin Kumpf
Published: August 6, 2019


We did it! On Saturday, Aug. 3, we got word that the largest detention facility for migrant children in the country – in Homestead, Florida – was empty. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has said that most of the children formerly held there were united with their sponsors and families, while some were transferred to smaller, state-licensed facilities. We are following this as news keeps breaking. 

In the meantime, I...

By: Fatema Ahmad
Published: August 6, 2019

As the daughter of Muslim Egyptian immigrants, I’m used to getting surprised looks when I tell people I grew up in a small Appalachian town in Western Maryland. A town where teens dared each other to drive up to the old church where local KKK members would supposedly meet. Boys I knew and rode the school bus with would go on to become Neo-Nazis. 

I had just started high school in 2001, making me – the only Muslim girl in high school in our county – a walking target after Sept. 11.

I know the violence of white supremacy intimately, and in the aftermath of the tragic shootings...

By: Kathryn Johnson
Published: August 2, 2019


Since taking office, President Trump has ended crucial protections for immigrants from six countries. Over 300,000 people are at risk of losing legal Temporary Protected Status (TPS). 

TPS is a provision under which the government grants protection from deportation to people from certain countries afflicted by natural disasters, war, or other dangerous conditions.


By: Arnie Alpert
Published: August 1, 2019

Photo: Arnie Alpert/AFSC

While many states have moved away from the death penalty, the Justice Department plans to execute five people on death row.

Update: In June 2020, the Supreme Court refused to hear a death penalty case, clearing the way for federal government to resume executions. Arnie Alpert, who wrote this piece in 2019, had worked to abolish the death penalty in New Hampshire as a staff member with AFSC.

The Trump administration's...


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