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Posts from July 2019

By: Peniel Ibe
Published: July 26, 2019

The August recess presents an opportunity to reach your representatives about issues that matter to you.   

Immigrant communities continue to face numerous attacks under the Trump administration. In just the past week, the administration took steps to bar large numbers of refugees from seeking asylum in the United States – while ramping up immigration raids in cities across the country.  

It’s critical that we turn up the pressure on our members of Congress, who have the...

By: Laura Boyce
Published: July 23, 2019

As a person of color in the United States, I have endured many things, including people who would question my right to be in certain places— suggesting that, as a Black woman, I got there unfairly and that I was somehow not deserving of basic rights white folks take for granted.

That’s why President Trump’s racist attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar felt personal to me, but more importantly, dangerous. Omar is a freshman congressperson, U.S. citizen, and Muslim who came to the United States as a child refugee from Somalia. While many are inspired by her story, Trump seems to think that if...

By: Dalit Baum
Published: July 18, 2019

SunTrust Bank has joined a growing number of large financial institutions and announced it would stop financing private prisons and immigration detention centers operators. This announcement comes from the last of the large financial organizations which have...

By: Peniel Ibe
Published: July 10, 2019

As part of the Defund Hate campaign, communities across the country continue to pressure Congress to stop funding cruelty against immigrants.   

In the last week of June, AFSC joined over 30 partner organizations in the Defund Hate Campaign in Washington, D.C. to strengthen our organizing and advocacy efforts to pressure Congress to cut funding to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Our AFSC delegation represented Colorado...

By: Jennifer Bing
Published: July 8, 2019

Schedule in district meetings with staff to educate them about the issues. (in photo AFSC staff and volunteers in Madison, WI). Photo: Jennifer Bing/AFSC 

Here are 5 tips that can help you prepare.  

Every August, most members of Congress return home to their districts for summer recess. This is a great opportunity to meet with your elected officials and communicate your concerns.  

This recess, talk to your congresspeople about working to end the military detention of...

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