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Posts from June 2019

By: Myrna Martinez Nateras
Published: June 28, 2019

Tens of thousands of immigrant families could be evicted from public housing, under a proposed rule from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The public has until Tuesday, July 9...

By: Ayah Khalifa
Published: June 25, 2019

In the face of state violence and oppression, people continue to peacefully and courageously demand democracy for Sudan.

After months of planning and anticipation, I won’t be returning to Sudan for my cousin’s wedding this month.  Due to the unstable political situation and violence targeting young people leading a revolution there right now, my family had to cancel our tickets. 

I’m part of the Sudanese diaspora who ended up in the United States. Today, I work with AFSC’s Communities Against Islamophobia project in North Carolina, and I want to share my thoughts about the...

By: Kristin Kumpf
Published: June 21, 2019

The Trump administration has announced that it would ramp up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts to arrest and deport immigrants across the United States – stoking more fear in immigrant communities, which have been subject to numerous attacks under this administration.

No one should be detained and deported. And it’s critical that we do all that we can to protect our community members to ensure they live in safety and peace that we all deserve. 


By: Jennifer Piper
Published: June 14, 2019

In Denver, faith communities are stepping up to help migrants reach their loved ones in the U.S.

Last month, AFSC Colorado got a call.  Annunciation House, an organization that provides temporary hospitality to migrants in Texas and New Mexico was seeking support. With their resources stretched, they wanted to know if advocates in Denver could help care for a few dozen migrants who would be sent to Colorado by bus each week.  

We were able to answer their call with a YES, thanks to the capacity and experience of AFSC, the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition,  our partner...

By: Jennifer Bing
Published: June 14, 2019

For the past four years, AFSC has partnered with Defense for Children International-Palestine on a campaign to challenge Israel’s prolonged military occupation of Palestinians by exposing the widespread and systematic ill treatment of Palestinian children...