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Posts from January 2017

By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: January 27, 2017

Since taking office, President Donald Trump signed several executive orders—including a dramatic and chilling expansion of immigration enforcement. On Friday, he signed the "Muslim Ban," an order curtailing refugee programs and banning all immigrants and visa holders from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. Here's what we're reading to learn more:

The wall is the least aggressive part of Trump’s executive actions on immigration, by Dara Lind via Vox


By: Lucy Duncan
Published: January 27, 2017

“There is no way out but to enter, there is no freedom without truth, there is no struggle without tenderness. The soil is poisoned, but sometimes blossoms open and the moment is a doorway into blue light.” – From a poem by Lucy

I went to the women’s march in Washington, D.C. this past weekend. It was exhilarating to be among the 500,000 people who came out for it. To be so many, so tightly packed, that we couldn’t properly march. It was powerful to flood the mall and the streets of D.C. to oppose the rise of fascism. There was an eerie exhilaration.

Stack of newspapers
By: Carly Goodman
Published: January 24, 2017

In the first days of the new administration, the president and his spokespeople have repeated falsehoods that have been previously debunked. Speaking plainly, these statements are lies. When the White House lies, it creates challenges both for journalists and news consumers. Journalists need to accurately cover the administration. Many readers are not used to fact-checking basic statements from the White House. Here are three tips for dealing with this confusing situation:

Tip #1: Fact-check your news & read beyond headlines. Media outlets are not used to...

By: Carly Goodman
Published: January 23, 2017

This weekend, comedian Aziz Ansari hosted Saturday Night Live and delivered the first SNL monologue under the new Trump administration. In addition to speaking directly to the new president (who has been live tweeting the show in recent weeks), Ansari aimed his comments at the media for its portrayal of Muslim and Arab people.

Ansari joked that American viewers tend to see coverage that conflates Muslim people with violent extremism - and that they never see Muslims doing...

By: Lucy Duncan
Published: January 19, 2017

Palestinian journalist and author Mohammed Omer has been documenting the realities faced by people and communities in Gaza for over a decade. In November and December AFSC hosted a tour to several US cities where Mohammed spoke about conditions in Gaza and the impact of the ten-year blockade. He also visited sites of AFSC’s work to end US based oppression on the border in San Diego, in Ferguson, MO, and at US private prisons in Arizona and was able to make connections with the occupation and oppression in Palestine. In this interview, Mohammed tells stories about Gaza and reflects on...