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Posts from December 2016

Published: December 30, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look at the inspiring work movements and communities are doing to prepare for the future.

Schools pledge to create safe spaces for undocumented students, by Casey Quinlan via Think Progress

“Students at colleges and universities are ...

By: Natalie Holbrook
Published: December 27, 2016

For over a decade, Natalie Holbrook has worked for AFSC's Michigan Criminal Justice Program, advocating for people in prisons around the state. She reflects on the highs and lows that came with one recent week in her advocacy work.    

On Nov. 15, I picked my daughter up early from school and drove with her to Roman Village in Detroit for my friend Junito's coming home party. What a joyous day. His huge family filled a social hall at the restaurant. My daughter played balloon toss and hid under tables with Junito's nieces and nephews' small kids.

His children—his...

By: David Poundstone
Published: December 21, 2016

Last week Mountain View Friends Meeting accepted Ingrid Encalada LaTorre into Sanctuary. These are the reflections of one member of the coaltion, the story of how the Meeting came to welcome Ingrid into their care and protection. To learn more about how your Meeting can welcome immigrants into Sanctuary and offer safety and protection in other ways, join our next Call for Spirited Action on "Sanctuary Everywhere" on January 12th from 8:30 to 9:30 pm ET.

Nothing could have been more obvious that...

Stack of newspapers
By: Carly Goodman
Published: December 20, 2016

Media illiteracy and the widespread proliferation of untrue, false, and unsubstantiated claims can have dire effects on the core institutions of the country as well as on our civic efforts to promote social justice and inclusion.

The circulation of false information – even when it is easily debunked – is highly destabilizing. How can we find common ground on which to debate, disagree, and build trust when the ground beneath our feet is suddenly itself suspect and the subject of lies? As the writer...

By: Miriam Camas
Published: December 19, 2016

Young people in Guatemala channel their creativity and commitment to peace building into a new music project. 

As a program coordinator for AFSC in Guatemala, one of the most violent countries in the world, I see up close the challenges that young people face in trying to live their everyday lives—extreme poverty, discrimination, and gang violence.

Our approach to working with youth includes encouraging them to engage in both reflection that fosters a peaceful coexistence and action to develop nonviolent practices to transform daily conflicts. We work in particular with...