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Posts from October 2016

Published: October 28, 2016

Since we last featured the #NoDAPL occupation in What We’re Reading, thousands more have traveled to North Dakota to join the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in the struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. On Thursday, heavily armed law enforcement attacked the encampment with armored trucks, sound cannons, and bulldozers, arresting over 140 people.

Here’s what we’re reading to learn more:



By: Jon Krieg
Published: October 27, 2016

An interview with the director of the Good Neighbor Project of the AFSC Michigan Criminal Justice Program. 

Can you tell us about your work at AFSC?

Demetrius TitusI’ve been working with the Good Neighbor Project, started by our director, Natalie and my predecessor, Ron Simpson-Bey. It’s based on restorative justice...

Papers with highlighting and ink marks
By: Beth Hallowell
Published: October 25, 2016

Covering violent extremism is one of the world's toughest beats right now. And writing like an expert about anything in the foreign policy space grows increasingly difficult as newsrooms continue to cut foreign budgets—especially when readers don't even click on the stories journalists write.

Unfortunately, these challenges have led to some troubling trends in reporting on groups like ISIS, al-Qaida, and the like. For example, our recent media analysis of violent extremism coverage...

By: Mike Merryman-Lotze
Published: October 24, 2016

From getting clean water to keeping a business open, the blockade is all about "finding ways to survive.”

Two weeks ago I was in Gaza to meet with AFSC’s staff and partners. I’ve been visiting Gaza at least a couple of times each year for most of the last nine years. During that time, I’ve watched the Gaza blockade evolve. 

The blockade was first imposed on Gaza by Israel in 2006 after Hamas won the Palestinian elections; it tightened in 2007 after Hamas took control of Gaza and split from the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. The blockade effectively bans nearly all...

By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: October 21, 2016

This week, AFSC announced that it has endorsed the policy platform put forward by the Movement for Black Lives. This powerful platform puts forward a bold vision for racial, economic, and social justice. It is essential reading for anyone interested in these issues, and can be downloaded in booklet form

In addition to...