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Posts from June 2016

By: Alice Rothchild
By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: June 14, 2016

The horrific violence of the Orlando mass shooting has appalled and saddened people of good will throughout the United States and the world. The American Friends Service Committee’s South Region stands in solidarity with all who mourn this tragic event. Like everyone else touched by this, we send our thoughts and prayers on behalf of the dead, the wounded, the fearful, and the grieving.

Our staff and volunteers have labored long and hard in Florida and...

A couple at a vigil to unite in the wake of the Orlando Pulse shooting
By: Beth Hallowell
Published: June 14, 2016

Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Orlando.

Before I saw the death count, the photos of the scene, or the statements from the President and the victims' families, I saw the outrage at the media and their coverage of the Orlando tragedy. It was all over my Facebook feed. Friends and colleagues ourtaged that mainstream media outlets were reporting on the shooter's religion and his supposed connection to ISIS (and Hezbollah, and al Qaeda, and nationalists in Afghanistan, and on and on). While my Facebook feed and...

By: Kerri Kennedy
Published: June 14, 2016

In 2013, AFSC developed an alternative Quaker vision for U.S. foreign policy called ”shared security” with sister organization, Friends Committee on National Legislation. Since then, key peace-building partners around the globe have adopted and promoted this concept to address conflict in a world more interdependent than ever.

What is shared security? It’s an approach that looks at problems of violence and conflict as ones with shared political and diplomatic solutions. Shared...

By: Rev. Dr. William Barber, II
Published: June 13, 2016

Immediately after the Orlando shooting at the Pulse night club that killed 50, Rev. William Barber, II posted this powerful statement on his personal Facebook page. I asked if AFSC could publish it, and he generously said, "Yes." - Lucy

Hate harbors deceit in his heart.

The Old Testament teaches: "Whoever hates disguises himself with his lips and harbors deceit in his heart." (Proverbs 26:24, ESV)

Hate your brother, walk in darkness.

The New Testament adds to the...

Hand shielding candle
Published: June 13, 2016

As we mourn the tragic deaths of the 50 people killed at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, writers, thinkers, and activists help us make sense of our grief and honor our resilience and resistance.

1. Statement from the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity on the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida

“We ask all Americans to...