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Posts from May 2016

By: Sayrah Namaste
By: Alice Rothchild
By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: May 6, 2016

A few picks from AFSC staff this week:

“Meet the Guatemalan refugees who’ve been hiding in an Austin church to escape deportation,” by Casey Tolan, Fusion

Congregations across the country are taking action to stop deportations and keep families together.

“According to a memorandum released in 2011, arrests or...

By: Mila Hamilton
By: Mila Hamilton
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: May 4, 2016

Rabbi Brant Rosen, AFSC’s Midwest Regional Director, and I participated together in the Interfaith Network for Justice in Palestine initial gathering in August, 2015. Within that context there was a lot of talk of decentering whiteness and decolonizing faith as a pathway toward liberation. Decolonization disrupts and critiques the idea that European modes of thought and ways of being are the “best” or the “only” way and actively engages in opening space for multiple cultural identities, practices, and ways of thinking/being (particularly indigenous ways). Brant and I have been...

By: Mati Gomis-Perez
Published: May 3, 2016

Mati Gomis-Perez, AFSC's country representative for Israel and Palestine, on why we're failing to build peace in the region.   

It’s been 10 years since the victory of Hamas in the legislative elections that were held in the occupied Palestinian territory in 2006. Since then, many things have happened.

Those of us who were there remember it was a cold, but bright, sunny day in which 77 percent of eligible Palestinians turned out to the election booths, despite checkpoints, walls, and denials of permits to move around....

Jody Mashek (right), Legal Services Director for AFSC's Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines, explains Deferred Action to a reporter from WOI TV.
By: Beth Hallowell
Published: May 3, 2016

Bet you didn't know today is World Press Freedom day, did you?

Times are tough for journalists to say the least. Continuous newsroom cuts and mergers have made it hard to get the job done at legacy outlets, as fewer people are tasked with never-ending amounts of work. ...