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Posts from April 2016

By: Jerry Elster
Published: April 29, 2016

Note: Jerry Elster, Healing Justice Program Coordinator in AFSC’s San Francisco office, presented at the recent Beyond Crime and Punishment: Fostering Crime and Punishment in Community conference, co-sponsored by AFSC at Pendle Hill. He told his story of transformation and peace-making at San Quentin on a panel on peacemaking in prison which included ...

AFSC participates in rally to support immigrants and refugees in Portsmouth, NH
By: Nina Mast
Published: April 29, 2016

Too often, the media and policymakers treat immigration and refugee resettlement as completely unrelated issues when they assign them a geographic label: migrants, refugees, and aslyum seekers from all over Latin America are called ‘violent’ or otherwise associated with criminality, while those groups fleeing the Middle East are called ‘terrorists’ and otherwise associated with religious fundamentalism. Notice a common thread here? It’s the shameful and absolutely misguided narrative that immigrants and refugees are a violent, criminal...

By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: April 29, 2016

A few picks from AFSC staff this week:

Why NATO has become one of the most destructive forces on the planet,” by Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

Activist, historian, and scholar Vijay Prashad raises questions about NATO’s role in destabilizing the Middle East and...

A different view of the Baltimore Uprising
By: Beth Hallowell
Published: April 26, 2016

We constantly advocate for more coverage of nonviolent protests and peace building.

But there's a good and bad way to do everything, as the excellent analysts at Colorlines and Media Matters for America pointed out last week in their coverage-of-the-coverage of last year's Baltimore Uprising. The Uprising, which occurred one year ago this past weekend, followed...

By: Nia Eubanks-Dixon
Published: April 25, 2016

Learn about the work of Nonviolent Peaceforce, nominated by AFSC for the Nobel Peace Prize.

As a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947, AFSC is able to nominate a candidate for the peace prize to the Oslo Committee every year. Earlier this year, we announced our 2016 nomination, Nonviolent Peaceforce—an unarmed, paid civilian protection force that fosters dialogue among parties in conflict and provides a protective presence for threatened civilians....