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5 Things your meeting/church can do to work to Humanize Not Militarize

Photo: / AFSC

1.   Learn

2.   Join the virtual conversation, and use the hashtag #HumanizeNotMilitarize 

  • Bring attention to local examples of responses and resistance to militarism on social media.
  • Follow @AFSCPeace for updates on our twitter power hours.
  • Share images from the exhibit on your social media, and engage with friends/community about their responses.

3.   Create a video!

4.   Host An Exhibit or Screening

  • Bring the poster exhibit to your meeting, school, community center, etc. Email us at if you are interested.
  • Invite local activists to speak on a panel, connecting their work to Humanize Not Militarize.
  • Plan a screening of HNM videos for Spring 2016— borrow a projector and find a place to do it.  
  • Use the HNM Training Resources with youth in your meeting.

5.   Take Action!

  • Print out your favorite posters, and use them as signs during demonstrations, or ask local business owners or educators to display them in their windows.  
  • Support AFSC campaigns on militarism.
  • Organize a Study into Action group and read books that HNM suggests.  We’ll provide discussion questions and suggested actions to take.


About the Author

Lucy serves as Director of Friends Relations for AFSC. She writes, teaches, and organizes Quakers to work for justice.

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