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Friends Liaison contact information

Help us connect with Quakers and receive regular AFSC communications. By filling out this form, you are signing up the contact person for AFSC's Weekend Reading newsletter, a digest of news, blog posts and action alerts from the organization. In addition, you will receive monthly emails from AFSC that are targeted to Quakers. You will also likely receive an occasional fundraising appeal. In order to create closer connections between Quakers and AFSC, we are creating ways to communicate, and this information will be used to that end. Please fill this out as a contact or as a person reporting contacts. Thank you so much! Your efforts contribute to fostering a deeper partnership between Friends and AFSC. If you have any questions, contact Lucy Duncan, Director of Friends Relations at

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Partners for Peace make monthly donations to support AFSC’s worldwide work for peace and justice. Will you provide reliable, year-round support to communities overcoming violence, poverty, and oppression? Start your monthly donation today to help us meet our goal of 175 monthly gifts by Jan. 31.

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