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Learn & connect

Learn & connect

AFSC’s Friends Relations offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about AFSC and the issues we work on across the globe. These resources are great for capital “F” Friends and lowercase “f” friends alike. Help raise awareness and spread the word.

Testimonies Booklet Cover

"Introduction to the Quaker testimonies," with study advice

"An Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies" is a booklet that describes the basic concepts of each Quaker testimony, and how the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) strives to practice that testimony in its work.

Peace Works

In honor of AFSC’s upcoming centennial in 2017, the Peace Works website was launched to document the history, stories, and people that made the last 100 years of peace and justice work possible. Share your story and read others.

Centennial First Day School Curriculum

An 8-week curriculum introduces youth to AFSC’s key issues and allows them to explore how those issues connect to Quaker testimonies. e last two weeks are an intergenerational experience, where elders can share their stories of AFSC with the youth and other members of the meeting and upload them to the Peace Works site. 

QuakerSpeak videos

AFSC has partnered with QuakerSpeak to produce a series of videos highlighting some of our key issues and how Friends can get involved. Watch the videos, share them with your meeting/church, and follow-up by taking action.

Sanctuary Everywhere webinar: Quaker Social Change Ministry

In this webinar, we discussed ways to practice the kind of community we are seeking to create in the broader world with a small group—one based on close-knit sharing, vulnerability, and accountability to the communities we wish to support.

"Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice," a resource guide for Friends

"Denormalizing Whiteness for Racial Justice" is a resource guide created by AFSC for use in Quaker meetings/churches to complement ongoing work on racism and white supremacy. The guide presents a number of different types of resources to assist Friends to engage this work either individually or collectively.

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