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Films for change

The power of film

AFSC brings important films to Friends that elevate the experiences of communities most impacted by injustice, highlighting the true cost of oppressive systems, as well as the resiliency of the human spirit. Many of these films are available for free online and include study guides or event suggestions. You are invited to hold a screening as a special event or for adult education at your meeting or church.

5 Broken Cameras

The first-ever Palestinian film to be nominated for a best Documentary Feature Academy Award, the critically-acclaimed 5 Broken Cameras is a deeply personal, first-hand account of life and nonviolent resistance in Bil’in, a West Bank village surrounded by Israeli settlements. Shot by Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat, who bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, Gibreel, the film was co-directed by Burnat and Guy Davidi, an Israeli filmmaker. Structured in chapters around the destruction of each one of Burnat’s cameras, the filmmakers’ collaboration follows one family’s evolution over five years of village upheaval.

Watch the trailer

Discussion guide and resources

Contact for a free copy of the DVD.



Hawo's Dinner

"With tensions mounting between the U.S. and the Muslim world, integrating newcomers from those countries raises a whole set of sensitivities and challenges. That’s where ”Hawo’s Dinner Party: The New Face of Southern Hospitality”  comes in. This half-hour DVD serves as a tool for community leaders – including educators, clergy, law enforcement, public officials, and employers – who are helping to integrate newcomers with unique needs, often against considerable obstacles. By focusing on the experiences of several Somali residents in Shelbyville – including Hawo, a refugee and former nurse who now works at a local poultry processing plant, and Mohamed, the local imam – the module puts a human face on the complex issues we face in this time of increasing globalization." from the Shelbyville Multimedia website (includes additional resources)

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Event planning toolkit and facilitation guide

With Arabic subtitles


Breaking Down the Box

"We are pleased to announce the release of a new NRCAT film, Breaking Down the Box, a 40-minute documentary for communities of faith, to expose the torture of solitary confinement in the context of mass incarceration in the United States. Produced by filmmaker Matthew Gossage, the film examines the mental health, racial justice and human rights implications of the systemic use of solitary confinement in U.S. prisons. It is a call to action for communities of faith to engage in the growing nationwide movement for restorative alternatives to isolated confinement that prioritize rehabilitation, therapeutic interventions, and recovery.

After watching the film, be sure to  and check out our state advocacy campaigns." from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture website (includes additional resources)

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Discussion guide

Order a copy of the DVD from NRCAT

Sign NRCAT's Statement Against Prolonged Solitary Confinement


Detaining Dreams

"Detaining Dreams features the stories of four Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and prosecuted in the Israeli military detention system. From the moment of arrest, Palestinian children encounter ill-treatment and torture at the hands of Israeli forces. Three out of four experience physical violence during arrest or interrogation.from the No Way to Treat a Child website (includes additional resources)

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Resources and reports



Immigration stories

This series of short films, produced by AFSC, features immigrants telling their personal stories. These films can be viewed in English or Spanish. 

Watch the series

5 things your congregation can do for immigrant justice

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As we witness another attack on Gaza, give today to support AFSC’s work to guarantee Palestinian rights, to end the blockade, and to ensure that Palestinians have access to Covid-19 vaccines. Your gift will also provide much needed pandemic relief supplies for communities in Palestine, including housebound and elderly Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

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