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Expectations for Participants in Radical Acting in Faith for White People

  • We practice growing into the embodiment of anti-racist justice principles.
  • We all enter this work at different places and support and affirm each other in our own next steps.
  • We are each responsible for our own learning, boundaries, and participation.
  • We use silence and requests for space as times of discernment and envisioning new ways of engaging; we do not use silence and requests for space to silence or shut down people nor avoid conflict.
  • We are each responsible for the impact of our words and actions and seek to meet our emotional and learning needs in ways that do not replicate patterns of oppression.
  • We are committed to our shared learning and growth and will engage with each other when things are challenging; we will ask for help when we need it with that engagement.
  • Information shared as part of the course – readings, videos, resources, learnings – we can share with others (citing sources). Personal information, individual’s process, and each other’s journeys we hold confidential to the space in which they were shared.
  • We ask permission before asking someone to share more about themselves or something they have already shared. We respect the answer.
  • We are committed to each other’s growth & learning.
  • We are committed to learning in service of action and reflecting on our actions so that we are working toward greater justice.

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