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Teach-In: Stop U.S./NATO's New Cold War Over Ukraine

Teach-In: Stop U.S./NATO's New Cold War Over Ukraine

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 6:00pm

Teach-In: Stop U.S./NATO's New Cold War Over Ukraine

Saturday, April 12


U.E. Hall

37 S. Ashland, Chicago


Oppose U.S. - sponsored fascism, NATO expansion and war!

- Holly Kent-Payne, Anti-War Committee - Chicago 
- Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO Network 
- Sara Flounders, International Action Center - New York City 
- Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire - Detroit (INVITED)'
- Kait McIntyre, anti-war candidate for Boeing board of directors

Fifteen years after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and occupation of Kosovo, there is growing anger that the U.S. government is giving $10 billion in loans to an unelected, right-wing regime in Kiev, while hungry children and families here are being told to get by with $8.9 billion in cuts to SNAP food assistance.

The provocative U.S. war moves against the people of Eastern Ukraine, Crimea and Russia include sanctions, sending warships with guided missiles to the Black Sea, and war games with F15 fighters on Russia's border. This, too, will cost billions of dollars that should be spent to bail out struggling cities like Detroit, create jobs and fund schools.

Corporate media outlets such as CNN, Fox News and the New York Times have colluded with leaders in Washington to whip up a new Cold War sentiment against Russia, while covering up the U.S. role in the recent violent events in Ukraine.

Unmentioned by corporate media are the enormous U.S. financial and military interests at stake – from control of Ukraine's oil and gas pipelines connecting Russia with Western Europe, to the prospect of NATO military bases on Russia's western border.

The U.S. hand is clear in the opposition protests that unseated the elected government of Ukraine. Washington has trained, funded and given political support to an undemocratic movement rooted in the wealthy oligarchy, just as it is doing today in Venezuela. State Department officials were caught on tape plotting the February coup and bragging that the U.S. had already spent $5 billion to make it happen

Also censored from mainstream media coverage is the real character of the junta in Kiev, which is dominated by outright neo-Nazi movements such as the Svoboda party and Right Sector. Today these fascists are carrying out violent repression against leftists and other opponents of the coup. Their continued rule not only endangers Jewish, immigrant, LGBTQ and minority-language communities throughout Ukraine, but threatens to plunge the world into war.



U.E. Hall
37 S. Ashland
Chicago , IL