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Struggling in Solidarity - Catholic Workers Return from Palestine

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 11:00pm

Jessica Reznicek and Julie Brown will share their first-hand accounts of  the time they spent as international solidarity activists in the occupied West Bank.

Jessica and Julie were sent to Palestine by the Catholic Worker Rachel Corrie Project to be  part of the Michigan Peace Team protective accompaniment project during the month of February.

Through slides and stories they will share stories of the Palestinian people; their courage & their resilience in the face of an oppressive military occupation.

From Julie’s blog, Feb. 8, 2013
Just before noon, while the adult men went to pray, a member of the
Palestinian Medical Relief Society (Our equivalent of an EMT)
suggested that we walk up the hill to see where the march would be
going. As we got to the top we noticed a group of small boys engaged
in a standoff with a line of Israeli soldiers and a military armored
truck. I could not believe what was playing out before me. A small
group of school boys were facing off with grown men from one of the
largest armies in the world! The soldiers on the ground as well as a
large group of soldiers in the tree line on the hill to our right above
us were dressed head to toe in full tactical gear carrying automatic
weapons. They were there to block the route of the march. At one
point a couple of the young boys picked up some small stones in the
road and threw them. These stones rarely hit anything but seemed to
be a way for the youth growing up in a life of occupation and war to
say "I'm here."

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