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San Ysidro Day Celebration 2022

San Ysidro y Santa Maria de la Cabeza Photo: Eddy Cardenas / La Plazita Institute

May 15, 2022. 3pm
Sanchez Farm (enter via Lopez Rd., from Isleta Blvd)

Annual celebration of San Ysidro Day in the South Valley! For hundreds of years, New Mexicans have celebrated San Ysidro Day, the patron saint of farmers. The ancient annual procession and blessing of San Ysidro y Santa María de la Cabeza will commence at 3pm on Sunday May 15, 2022. The blessing is a beautiful blend of indigenous and Spanish Catholic traditions. Prayers to these traditional guardians of rain, water, and farmers will take place at Sanchez Farm at the corner of Arenal and Lopez, SW. Call 505-842-7343 for more information.

Organized by the South Valley Regional Association of Acequias, American Friends Service Committee and La Plazita Institute.