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Immigrant detention center vigil in Aurora, CO

Monday, November 7, 2011 - 11:00pm
Jennifer Piper and clergy 8-1-11
At right, Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organzing Director, visits with clergy Anne Dunlap at the August 1, 2011 vigil outside the GEO immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado. Photo: Jon Krieg / AFSC

Immigrant detention center vigil will start at the Northwest corner of 30th Avenue and Peoria Street in Aurora. ICE just renewed and expanded its contract with for-profit detention corporation GEO. The contract is for ten years and expands the number of people ICE will be detaining from 432 to 525. $23 million more taxpayer dollars will go to GEO each year. The move comes despite the Obama administration’s repeated commitments to limit the use of detention and the Colorado community’s clear demands over the last 3 years to close GEO.

YOU are invited to bring yellow, orange, and/or gold flowers and candles for the ritual that will be part of the vigil!  On Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day we will honor those who suffer at the hands of death-dealing immigration & economic systems, and  call upon the Saints in our lives and history to give us encouragement and strength for the struggle.

Comunidad Liberación, the American Friends Service Committee and Rights for All People to call for Colorado ICE to use alternatives to detention, stop using taxpayer money to benefit for-profit immigrant detention centers and stop the inhumane separation of families as they go through a years long court process. Contact Jennifer Piper of AFSC at or 303-623-3464 ext 5! 


GEO Detention Center
30th and Peoria
Aurora , CO

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