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Emergency Discussion on Gaza

Friday, July 25, 2014 - 11:00pm

Since July 8, Israel has been pounding the nearly two million Palestinian people locked down in the tiny, densely populated Gaza Strip with thousands of attacks by fighter jets, helicopters, missiles, tanks, warships, and drones. Over 500 Palestinians have been killed including many children, people living at a center for severely disabled people, and whole families. On July 17 Israel escalated the slaughter with a ground invasion. These are war crimes backed by the U.S.
Join us Friday to dig into the reality of this situation, including the role of the U.S. which provides massive backing to Israel, and what the people must do now. 
No Complicity!  Protests are breaking out around the world (see slideshow). And there needs to be many more protests! Now is no time for silence, or silent complicity-including in the form of, or justified by, excuses that "the situation is so complicated." No, it isn't. (read more)  Join protests this week in Chicago:  Stand with Gaza: Protest Zionism in Chicago, Tuesday, noon, 500 W. Madison, Chicago (across from Israeli Consulate); Chicago Day of al-Quds, Solidarity with Palestine, Friday, 4 PM, Daley Plaza (50 W. Washington), Chicago.
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Check regularly for updates. 
The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine 
Stop Israel's War Crimes in Gaza!  
Historian Ilan Pappe: Author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Gaza: Employing the Mass Media to Justify a Massacre
 Challenging Israel's Crimes on Campus: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Stifling Academic Environment 
Special issue of Revolution: 

The Case of Israel - Bastion of Enlightenment or Enforcer for Imperialism?


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