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Chicago: Basic Street Medic Training

Chicago: Basic Street Medic Training

The Spreading the Health Conference in conjunction with Chicago Action Medical will offer a 20 hour street medic training on May 4-6 in Chicago to train new medics and support actions against the upcoming NATO summit. 

Street medics have been providing fellow activists with first aid treatment and medical support during direct actions and street protests for social and economic justice for over 45 years.We have been active in the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, American Indian Movement, Earth First! and other environmental defense actions, the anti-corporate globalization movement, and many other actions. Street medics have also participated internationally in solidarity with other liberation movements, from Palestine to Chiapas, and have responded to disasters including Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake. Most recently, street medics have been active in the Occupy Movement, often working alongside other medical professionals or activists aware of the need for first aid support. 

We will have trainers from across the country and Chicago Action Medical members leading the training. 

- The training will include all the information we feel people need to run on the streets as a marked street medic, with the primary goal of providing basic first aid and urgent care at protests, including:

-- Practical information on taking care of yourself and your friends if you plan to attend protest events. While the focus will be on urban street protests, much of the material may also be applicable to wilderness situations and first aid needs in your community. This includes preparing for actions, personal care, affinity group safety considerations, weather-related hazards, detox and aftercare, and your questions.

-- Street Operations Tactics, including a presentation and discussion of codes of conduct and ethics, team makeup and teamwork, calling for backup, and dealing with police/EMS, how/when to move patients and how to conduct triage.

-- Basic Street First Aid, including Initial Patient Assessment, treating bleeding wounds, splinting sprains and breaks, calling 911 for emergencies, and weather-related injuries.

-- Psychological First Aid. How to recognize and assist people with emotional distress whether it results from physical injury, excessive stress, or traumatic experience.

-- Chemical Weapons Treatments and Aftercare. Covers a review of current chemical agents in use, a discussion of personal protection gear (gas masks, respirators, etc), and a complete introduction to tear gas and pepper spray decontamination and treatment protocols with demonstrations, hands-on practice and role-plays.

- Schedule and Location

The training will be at Multi Kulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave. . 
The tentative schedule for this training is as follows: Friday evening, May 4 from 6-10 pm; Saturday, May 5 from 9 am to 7 pm; and Sunday, May 6 11 from 9 am to 7 pm. We encourage people to attend all of the training, and we will give registration preference to people who can attend all of the training sessions. We will provide specific information about the training and various logistics to registered participants before the training weekend.

-Spreading the Health Conference
Spreading the Health is a conference to bring together the many healthcare workers and volunteers interested in providing healthcare that supports direct action for social change. The conference is being organized by street medics from across the U.S. We are offering a number of workshops, trainings, and events throughout the week of May 4-13. Come by for the entire conference or any events you can make. More information is at
-Food and Housing

We will supply lunch and snacks at the the training. Housing is available through the Spreading the Health housing and rideshare board at If you have housing needs that are not met through the housing board contact Chicago Action Medical, info below. ified to work in a team structure in unsecured situations or clinics with few resources and to challenge oppression while supporting the effectiveness of social movements that attack disparities at their source.
- Costs

We have a sliding scale fee from $0 to $100 for this training course. We do not want financial restrictions to keep anyone from taking this course. We anticipate that our cost per trainee will be between $30 and $40, and we hope that donations from participants will cover our costs. Any money raised will go towards the rest of the Spreading the Health Conference and medical support for the NATO summit. 

- Registration Information

Space for this course is limited, so please provide us with the information asked for below as soon as possible. Once we receive this information, we will reserve a space for you in the course. If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible so we can let someone else have your spot. All information you give us is confidential, and will not be used in anyway that is not directly related to this training.

In addition to the Basic Street Medic Training we are offering a Bridge Training for Medical Professionals on May 12 and an Affinity Group Medic Training on May 13. You can find our more information about these trainings or at

To register for the Basic Street Medic Training fill out the form on our website, available here:

If you have any questions you can write to Chicago Action Medical at or call us at (240) 393-7308. We expect this course to fill up quickly, so the sooner you register, the more likely that you will be in the course. Keep in mind that registration preference will be given to people who can attend all of the training sessions. We will have a waiting list if the course fills up.

Contact Information: 

Chicago Action Medical at or call us at (240) 393-7308.


Multi Kulti
1000 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago , IL