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Bridge Training for Medical Professionals

Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 2:00pm to 10:00pm

The Spreading the Health Conference in conjunction with Chicago Action Medical will offer a Bridge Training for Medical Professionals in Chicago to train new medics and support actions against the upcoming NATO summit. In this highly participatory training, you will learn to use your skills in high-tension, low-resource situations. Street medics are called upon to deal with everything from head trauma to sexual assault to handcuff injuries to hypothermia. Street medics are specialized in first response, critical incident stress support, management of injuries caused by police, weather, health disparities, and impaired decision making; and public health promotion in protester encampments and communities in struggle. Street medic care is ethical, empowering, and do-no harm. As a street medic, you will be specifically qualified to work in a team structure in unsecured situations or clinics with few resources and to challenge oppression while supporting the effectiveness of social movements that attack disparities at their source.To register for the Bridge Training for Medical Professionals fill out the form on our website, available here:

Contact Information 

Chicago Action Medical at


First Trinity Lutheran Church
643 W 31st St
Chicago , IL

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