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Bay Area Centennial

Bay Area Centennial

Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Photo: AFSC


For 100 years, AFSC has worked with, learned from, and inspired social change leaders. This is an accomplishment worth celebrating! Please join us for an exciting day of justice workshops discussing how to wage peace in our current political climate, conversation and reflection, music and spoken word, and great food!

At the First Unitarian Church of Oakland (685 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612)

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Bay Area Centennial Event

Day Long Events: Waging Peace Banner Exhibit, Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism Poster Exhibit, Silent Auction, AFSC Hall of Fame


10:00 – Registration and Exhibit open with refreshments from Oakland’s Mammacita’s Café

10:30 – Opening Gathering

  • First Unitarian Church of Oakland representative greeting
  • Welcome to Native Land
  • Information about the Day

11:00 – First Round of Workshops begin (Descriptions Below)

12:30 – Lunch catered by The Town Kitchen in Oakland

1:30 –Second Round of Workshops begin (Descriptions Below)

3:00 - Plenary Celebration

  • La Gente Opening Performance
  • Ron Zuckerman - Welcome & Introduction of General Secretary
  • Joyce Ajlouny, General Secretary – AFSC at 100 and beyond
  • TBD – Spoken word performance (67 Suenos)
  • Laura Magnani – Introduction of Regional Directors Panel
  • Bob Eaton, Wilson Riles, Sonia Tuma - Current and Former Regional Directors Panel
  • Emma’s Revolution Closing Performance

Ending at 5:00 pm


67 Sueños "Youth leaders building community power through art and cross-racial solidarity"  

67 Sueños youth will discuss how they utilize various forms art for social justice change.  They will also reflect on their efforts to bridge cross-racial solidarity, especially combating anti-black racism in their own communities, as a powerful non-violent form of resistance and power building.    

Economic Activism "People Power vs. Corporate Power" (Morning Session only)  

Corporations have economic and political power that at times overwhelms us. Led by profit, they become some of the main drivers of exploitation, repression, violence, and war around the world. How can people take on large corporations… and win?  

What makes for an effective boycott? What is divestment and how does it work? The workshop will collect lessons from successful campaigns by students and churches, indigenous communities and responsible investors, targeting corporate profiteers on issues ranging from the Israeli occupation (BDS) to mass incarceration, immigrant detention, surveillance, and walls

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Movement for Palestinian Rights (Afternoon Session only)

What is BDS? How does it work? Does it really work? Can we free Palestine through boycotts? Is BDS anti-Semitic? Is it illegal? Why all the anti-BDS laws everywhere? Does it harm Israelis? Palestinians? Corporate interests? What to boycott? What is Divestment? How to divest? Why now? What does it have to do with our own liberation? Ask anything you ever wanted to ask about BDS…

The Economic Activism program supports campaigns that challenge corporate power on issues ranging from the Israeli occupation to mass incarceration, immigrant detention, surveillance, and walls, led by indigenous peoples, faith communities,  responsible investors, students, and grassroots organizers everywhere.

Pan Valley Institute's "Where We Started and Where We Are"

The work of the American Friends Service Committee in the Central Valley started in 1955 to help and advocate for workers’ rights. The original Proyecto Campesino built houses, created a farm co-op, educated farmworker children, and began to organize workers. Led by Eduardo Stanley, Myrna Martinez N and Minerva Mendoza this workshop will examine that history and how it has shaped the policies and direction of the Pan Valley Institute today. Participants will consider how popular education and cultural organizing ties to social change. The workshop will also demonstrate several exercises to illustrate PVI’s practice of popular education.

Healing Justice "Creating New Models of Justice to Replace the Carceral State"

AFSC’s Healing Justice Program has been creating positive social change for over sixty years, gradually shifting from direct service work to a focus on policy and systematic transformations. Healing Justice program director (since 1993) Laura Magnani will explore how the Healing Justice has concentrated its energies on ending mass incarceration, solitary confinement, and police militarization, and how AFSC adopted restorative justice as a practice for healing both individuals and communities. Then Healing Justice coordinator (since April) Fatimeh Khan will lead a modified Restorative Justice circle, offering participants the opportunity to experience for themselves the transformative power of restorative justice.

Mapping Borders and Connections: Guns and Their Impacts in Mexico and Bay Area
By following guns from the United States to Mexico, we can map out the sources of violence that is harming communities in Mexico, the Bay Area, and beyond. In 2017, after a decade of the U.S.-supported drug war, Mexico is experiencing more killings than ever – most of them committed with guns coming from the United States, legally or illegally. What can be done to stop the bloodshed with U.S.-sourced weaponry?

This workshop is led by John Lindsay-Poland (AFSC and Stop US Arms to Mexico), Abad Leyva (co-director of “Where the Guns Go”), and Mattie Scott (San Francisco Brady Campaign). It is second in a series, Mapping Borders and Connections, organized by Escuelita Comunitaria, a collaboration of community members and AFSC to trace our routes of migration, the violence that often causes it, and routes of action and resistance.

"AFSC Presents"

A collection of documentaries from AFSC's work followed by open discussion.


Waging Peace: Waging Peace: 100 Years of Action is a new banner exhibition demonstrating the effectiveness of nonviolence to build justice, overcome oppression and prevent violence. The exhibit consists of 12 retractable panels focusing on issues such as Building Peace, Ending Discrimination, Addressing Prisons, Just Economies, and Immigrant Rights.

Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism: The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) have created a traveling poster exhibition highlighting diverse historical boycott movements from the 1950s to the present. "Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism," features 58 posters from more than 20 boycotts, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, United Farm Workers' grape and lettuce boycott, divestment from South Africa to protest Apartheid, boycotts of corporations using sweatshops, the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS), and many others.

Activists and solidarity groups have often responded to injustices by implementing boycott and divestment campaigns targeting companies and governments that support and sustain these injustices- and posters have been a primary tool for educating about the issues and inspiring people to action. This exhibition uses powerful posters to demonstrate the effectiveness of boycotts as a nonviolent tactic to end injustice and oppression.

Hall of Fame: So many people have made AFSC’s work in the Bay Area possible. This exhibit honors those who have dedicated portions of their lives to the work of peace and justice. 


Emma’s Revolution

Emma's Revolution is the award-winning “activist power duo” of Pat Humphries & Sandy O, whose songs have been sung for the Dalai Lama, praised by Pete Seeger, and covered by Holly Near. With beautiful harmonies and genre-defying eclecticism, Emma’s Revolution delivers the energy and strength of their convictions, in an uprising of truth and hope for these tumultuous times.

In the spirit of Emma Goldman's famous attribution, “If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution,” Emma's Revolution brings their uprising of truth and hope to concerts and peace & justice, labor, human rights, environmental, LGBT and women's rights events. Touring 200 days a year, Emma’s Revolution has performed at thousands of events throughout the US and around the world in Canada, Chile, Korea, Scotland, England, Israel/Palestine, Nicaragua, and Cuba, spreading their message of peace and justice. Emma’s Revolution consistently delivers performances that are an uprising of hope and harmony so powerful audiences leap to their feet.

La Gente:

LA GENTE is a San Francisco based, international recording group led by singer-songwriter Rafael Bustamante Sarria. The group has created their own unique blend of World Music, Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop & Salsa. LA GENTE fuses together rhythms and cultural influences from all over the Caribbean with their distinct Bay Area flavor and style to create an infectious high energy dance party. After years of touring and creating new music, LA GENTE has built a large and loyal following all over the US and the globe. The group recently independently released their fourth studio album entitled "Borderless" featuring special guest Deuce Eclipse of Bang Data and Zion-I. La Gente was founded in 2007, since then they have performed numerous festivals, universities, radio stations, museums, art galleries and major venues all over the US. For example: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Austin, Portland and New York.
La Gente has also performed internationally in Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua and recently returned from their month-long tour in Colombia.



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