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Worrall on the Arizona Law

[Michael Worrall is a member of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights Letter to the Editor Ladder. (CFIR is a project of AFSC in Colorado.) His recent Letter to The Editor was published in the Denver Post!  Want to see YOUR name in Print? To join our Letter Writing Ladder, just email Jordan Garcia at or call 303.623.3464!]

There’s something disingenuous about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s statement that her state’s new anti-immigration law (SB 1070) arose in part because “the federal government has refused to fix” a crisis in immigration. I’m rather certain most of the supporters of SB 1070 (Sen. John McCain being an exception) are the same people who adamantly opposed bilateral immigration reform proposals in the last two Congresses.

Moreover, it’s not clear what Arizona hopes to accomplish with the law. Sure, some unauthorized persons will leave or stay away, but not all. Arizona’s law will likely further damage their state’s economy even without any boycotts. It will make law enforcement more difficult and will certainly create an atmosphere of distrust and division.

Michael Worrall, Denver

Created Date 
Jun 23, 2010

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