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Workers’ Logs, Coal Relief Section Letcher County, Kentucky, 1933

Photo: / AFSC

In each county, one staff person was responsible for keeping detailed logs. The writer of this particular voluminous “diary” (covering June 9 to August 19 of 1933) gives an intimate look into the day-to-day work and life of program staff, as well as the people they encounter. This writer covers everything from baseball and irrigation to birth control education, measles, and mosquito netting.  He paints a vivid picture of extremely poor living conditions. When a child dies in the camp, the staff debate whether offering the family some simple items for consolation would look like setting a precedent of “giving relief,” which they don’t want to do.

The Archives has detailed logs from 1931-38 that explain the activities of workers throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Created Date 
Jan 19, 2016