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West Virginia Can Turn the Corner

West Virginia Can Turn the Corner Cover
Photo: AFSC



West Virginia Can Turn the Corner: Personal Testimonies and Policy Recommendations from the West Virginia Criminal Justice Listening Project

Throughout the country, the call for criminal justice reform has been getting louder and more widespread. West Virginia could be a leader in the movement away from a costly system that focuses mostly on punishment, towards a justice system that focuses on healing. With West Virginia at the epicenter of the substance abuse and overdose epidemic, policymakers and the public believe more and more that we cannot afford to primarily rely on the blunt instrument of incarceration anymore.

This report seeks to put a human face on the social and economic consequences of the current criminal justice system in West Virginia. We want to inform the public and policymakers of both the problems and the solutions from the perspective of those who know better than anyone what is and isn’t working in the system today.

Prepared by Lida Shepherd, AFSC West Virginia Economic Justice Project


Created Date 
Nov 12, 2019