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Wage Peace - Resolution

Resolution Urging Reordering of National Budget Priorities
Move the Money – Fund Our Communities and Future


Whereas, the people of (state/community) have been hard hit by the economic crisis, suffering #X percent unemployment and a record number of disastrous housing foreclosures,

Whereas, the combined deficits of the country’s state governments is an estimated $140 billion, roughly the annual cost of the Afghanistan war and continued U.S. military presence inIraq,

Whereas more than $1.07 trillion dollars have been spent for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, most of it borrowed against our national debt, and

Whereas the people of (state/community) to date are collectively paying or will become in debted for more than (NPP figure inserted here) for the cost of these wars since 2001,

Whereas, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments, are resulting in the disastrous loss essential services, including police, firefighters, teachers, and social service agencies,

Whereas, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments reduce the nation’s ability to fund the development of alternatives to oil, other fossil fuels and nuclear power, and consequent job creation,

Whereas, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments result in insufficient funding to ensure access to higher education and investments in infrastructure and new technologies, essential to individual, community and national security and prosperity,

Whereas, cuts in federal and state assistance are making increasingly difficult for all of the (state’s/community’s) deserving people to obtain the medical care and educations they deserve,

Whereas, the core U.S. military budget – not including the cost of the Central Asian War and continued military presence in Iraq -  $566 billion, represents an increase in the Pentagon’s budget, is 40% of the entire world’s military spending, is many times that of potential military rivals, and consumes 60% of the federal government’s annual discretionary spending,

Whereas, a growing number of members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, have urged and specified reductions in the U.S. military budget of 25% and more,

Whereas, the Bi-partisan Budget Reduction Commission recommended that one-third of the nation’s estimated 1,000 foreign military bases and installations should be closed,

Whereas, the Central Asian war can only be resolved through political and diplomatic means, and the people of (community/state) are paying #X billion this year to fund the ongoing war with its consequent loss of lives,

Whereas, despite President Obama’s pledge to work for nuclear weapons abolition, Congress has allocated $185 billion to expand the country’s nuclear weapons infrastructure and to produce new nuclear weapons in the coming decade,

And, whereas, moving the money, reducing the military budget to fund our communities, will greatly increase the security of the people of our state/community and the nation

Now, therefore be it resolved that (organization/city council) urges that to provide security for our citizens Senators ___________________________________________ and ___________________________________________ and Representative ___________________________________________ vote to halt spending for the Afghan and Iraq wars and  significantly reduce the military budget, with the savings to be redirected to fund essential community and state social services.



Draft prepared by AFSC Peace & Economic Security Program | 2161 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140
 For additional information contact or phone 617-661-6130, or see

Created Date 
Dec 4, 2011

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