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Visit by Milhem-West Bank Mayor, 1979

Photo: Archives / AFSC

Mohammed Milhem, the Mayor of the West Bank municipality of Halhoul, visited the United States from April 25 to May 2, 1979. He spoke at the AFSC conference "Search for Peace in the Middle East: The New Context," and met with legislators, government officials, civic and religious leaders, and the press. The first four pages of this document outline the Palestinian analysis of the Camp David proposal for a peace agreement, followed by a list of organizations and individuals the mayor met with and the journalists who interviewed him.

The remaining eight pages provide Milhem’s speech, entitled “Middle East Peace: A Palestinian Perspective.” The mayor provides a detailed account of the hardships imposed on his town, including a 16-day, 23-hour/day curfew, collective punishment, violence against children, and destruction of most agriculture and sources of commerce that Halhoul had or hoped to create. He expresses his people’s alarm and anger at “the present mutation of our hope for a comprehensive regional peace into a partial, bilateral settlement.” The mayor warns against “imposition of a truce” versus development of a just, lasting peace.

Created Date 
Mar 14, 2016

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