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Twin Cities YUIR - Youth Undoing Institutional Racism

Photo: / AFSC

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in St. Paul has been working with youth on issues of racial justice since 2012. Our new Twin Cities Freedom School/YUIR project is part of a national youth-led network mobilizing people of all ages to work against racist systems that oppress us all.

We start with the Twin Cities Freedom School, an intensive training designed to inspire a lifetime of com-munity involvement. You’ll get to analyze the systems that perpetuate violence, injustice, and racism, and learn about history and how to organize for change.

Then you’ll build your anti-racist organizing skills through weekly meetings where you design and lead ongoing campaigns and projects with other YUIR youth throughout the year.

St. Paul joins YUIR chapters in Seattle, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Charleston (West Virginia),where projects have included a campaign that led to significant changes to a proposed juvenile jail (Seattle) and a community garden that’s drawing more young people into this important work (St. Louis). AFSC’s YUIR programming has been developed in close partnership with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.

Created Date 
Dec 24, 2015

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