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Rehabilitation in the Soft-Coal Fields, 1933

Photo: / AFSC

After two years of managing relief and rehabilitation work in coal-producing counties, and with studies indicating that “some 200,000 miners will never be needed in the mines again,” AFSC produced this 12-page brochure with photographs. It offers “suggestions for the future and outlines of actual experiments which have been carried out.”

The underlying philosophy of all these experiments was to change society’s focus from "earning money to buy things," to "producing for use."

Experiment 1: Mountaineer Craftsmen Cooperative

Experiment 2: Farm colony for six families in West Virginia

Experiment 3: One-man farm in Kentucky

Experiment 4: “Production-for-use units” that include knitware, furniture, brooms, spinning wool and woven cloth

Created Date 
Jan 19, 2016