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The Palestinians—A People in Crisis, 1978

Photo: Archives / AFSC

AFSC reprinted (with permission) this set of articles that originally appeared in the New York Times February 19-21 and 23, 1978, by James Markham, Anthony Lewis, and John Darnton. The series assesses the situation of the Palestinians in diaspora, covering their internal politics and the conditions they face living in the Occupied Territories, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, Jordan, and Kuwait. Detailed maps show Palestine from the British Mandate of 1922-48, through the 1947 U.N. partition plan, the Middle East of 1978, and a possible Palestinian “entity” on the West Bank. One section briefly identifies the PLO and its various guerilla sub-factions.

The accompanying statement from the AFSC peace education program states, in part:

We believe that at the heart of the Middle East conflict are the national claims of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs to the same land. There can be no peace in the Middle East until there is mutual acknowledgement and accommodation of both Israel and Palestinian national rights. Although the root of the crisis is in the Middle East, action in the United States holds a key to its solution. Our government remains in a unique position to encourage all the parties to the conflict to move towards conciliation.

Created Date 
Mar 14, 2016

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