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New England Yearly Meeting Minute 52

New England Yearly Meeting Minute 52

No one of us is any more precious than anyone else

New England Yearly Meeting in 2013 approved a minute—a record of the collective spiritual will of the meeting—that repudiates the Doctrine of Discovery. It's one step in moving from empire to beloved community.

The attached handout explains:

The Doctrine of Discovery was used to justify Christians "right" to dominate, exploit and claim the lands of non-Christians that they "discovered." In the days of European exploration and colonization, governments relied on the Doctrine of Discovery, which has its roots in racism, to commit great harm against Native peoples. This doctrine has justified policies of deception, forced removal, sterilization, enslavement, and genocide. The doctrine has not disappeared or been revoked. It has force of law globally and serves as a framework of oppression fully intact in US federal Indian law today. In 2012 the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) focused on encouraging global repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery.

Created Date: 
Feb 10, 2015